About Us

Insight Optics is an impact driven company dedicated to connecting Primary Care Providers with local specialists for assisted diagnostics.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Insight Optics is dedicated to impacting the lives of patients by enabling physicians to provide the best care possible.

We do this by empowering primary care providers (PCPs) to record and refer retinal videos to local eye care specialists for assisted screening. Our goal is to enable PCPs to efficiently detect early signs of avoidable blindness before permanent damage is done. We accomplish this by providing PCPs a platform to connect and send patient data to local retinal specialists. This allows both users to monetize otherwise unrealized referral incentives and provide better care

Aaron Enten

President | CEO
Director of Vision

Maurice Rosenbaum

Master of Scale
Champion of Growth

Michael Gladden

Lead Data Wrangler & Fishing Expert

TJ LaGrow

Director of Engineering

Varun Agrawal